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Doodle Database Goal

Advance and improve the Doodle breeds by collecting and sharing pedigree and health testing information with owners and breeders alike.

History of the DDB

The DDB started almost by accident. Two people had more than 3000 doodle pedigrees acquired over the years and a database was needed to make sense of the excel sheets, mini databases and paper pedigrees they had collected. Other likeminded people from all over the world were interested and the infant DDB was founded in 2010 with those pedigrees and encouraging owners and breeders to send in more.
We are also asked to look for pedigrees given just pet names and a date of birth. In March 2012 there were over 8000 pedigrees of worldwide Labra and other Doodles on the DDB.
We aren't here to define a "Doodle", we leave that to the individual owners. We only publish verifiable pedigrees.

Doodle Breeders and Owners

You can help by entering your dogs in the database and sending the database admin any health testing via email.
Health testing information is only accepted if supported by documentation from a licensed veterinarian or licensed laboratory or via public databases (e.g. OFA).
An explanation of some of the terms used can be found in our Glossary attached to every dog's record. If you find any errors or omissions please contact us. Your help will be very much appreciated.